Animals & Nature

Types of Animal Art

There are many different types of art in the world, and artists who use animals as subjects have explored the full range of artistic mediums. There are some artists who like to carve different animals in a variety of materials. This has been a popular artistic form for centuries. It can be easily done during the day or night. Carving in wood and bone are especially popular with artists who like to whittle away some time. It gives the artist a creative outlet with few tools needed for completing a project with a popular subject.

Many paintings of animals display a whimsical side. Artists may not be able to get many animals to sit still for the time it takes to paint them, but this has never stopped creative paintings from being done. Artists are able to recreate animals in many poses and habitats. Whimsical art touches people by making them laugh or think about the animals in the world differently. This type of art makes humans sit up and pay attention.

Folk art has long used animals for its creative ventures. Drawings and prints of wild animals have been a large influence in this type of art. Pillows, curtains and decorative needlework often contain animals in their artistic themes. Tribal art is very representative of animals in folk art. Each tribe has an area with its own types of animals. These have been represented in textiles and clay pieces for countless centuries. Even cave men took the time to draw and color local animals on their walls.

The existence of animals has long been entwined with the lives of men. They have fed, clothed and protected man for millennia. Their representation in art is part of the world which surrounds man. They are part of the environment and have long taught man how to survive and prosper in it. Their inclusion in art gives man pause to think of nature and the world as it should be. These beautiful and fascinating creatures have their own place in the world of art and will continue to be represented.