Animals & Nature

Animal Photography

Taking the perfect shot with a camera has long been considered art. Nuances of light and the feel of motion are part of what a photographic artist captures in their pictures. Animals have long been a favorite of artists. Even though wild animals are not disposed to posing, many talented photographers have captured their beauty. A great piece of photographic art shows how an animal relates to their surroundings. It gives the viewer a look into an unknown world where humans are strangers.

Patience is the key to creating art with animals. A photographer must spend long days in the country to allow the local wildlife to adapt to a human’s presence. After that has happened, the photographer must spend even more time getting just the right shots. This takes knowledge of animal habits. A perfect shot of an eagle is easier to get if the photographer studies the hunting patterns of the bird. It is then a matter of time before the bird hunts and the photographer has opportunities to shoot.

Ground based animals are not any easier than flying creatures. Most species that live on the ground are furry and cute, but they are also quite fast. A photographer must be prepared to snap in an instant. Digital cameras are an excellent innovation because waiting for film to advance has interfered with many shots in the past. The modern photographer must make sure the batteries are fully charged and ready to go. Once the camera is turned on, the chance of getting a perfect shot is a matter of finding the right moment when the animal emerges from their den.

There are dangers to taking photographs of wild animals. Many animals are very territorial and will do whatever is necessary to drive off strangers. Humans are particularly vulnerable because they are unused to the dangers of outdoor living. Animals are adapted to their areas and know the dangers already. It takes a dedicated artist to become a wildlife photographer. They must possess a photographic gift as well as the ability to blend into the forest background.